X.1. Side-by-side analysis by Alexander Purnov.

Alexander Purnov is known for his numerous videos on YOUTUBE (personally counted more than 900!) dedicated to the basics of stock trading. The author presents himself as the creator of the so-called “side-by-side analysis”. The essence of this method is the analysis of price change charts, presented in the form of bars, together with volumes, i.e. together with VSA analysis (Volume Spread Analysis).

The proposed methodology assumes the presence of a so-called “major player” whose thoughts we are trying to follow, guessing his further thoughts and actions based on the operations already performed. We are moving together with this major player (see Fig.237).

You can independently study the proposed methodology based on Alexander Purnov’s videos.

Today A. Purnov has created an online school for teaching this technique. The school is developing dynamically.

You can start getting acquainted with Alexander’s trading ideas from here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T3WLtiO-o7s&list=PLf06kxo1vox526ktgWGOfAjXrdw2YTeUp.

Fig.236. Basics of VSA analysis.

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