I.9. Who is a broker?

The situation with choosing a suitable broker is not as trivial for Russia as choosing an exchange. Any company that fulfills a number of conditions of the exchange, which can be found on the Mosbirzhi website, can become a broker. More often, brokers are banks that create special divisions within themselves for this purpose. In this case, you are working with a bank. But to become a broker, it is not necessary to be a bank at all, since there is no such requirement for a broker. Here is a list of such requirements:

1. Become an entrepreneur.

2. Open an account for at least 5 million rubles.

3. Get trained.

4. Pass the state exam.

5. Apply for a license.

6. Collect a package of documents to assess compliance with the legislation.

7. Pay the state fee.

8. Submit an application to the Department of Admission to Financial Markets.

9. Obtain a license within 30 days from the submission of documents.

10. Select qualified personnel.

Based on the above, in Russia it is necessary to be extremely attentive to the choice of a broker, not an exchange. We recommend choosing large and well-known banks as a broker, for example, Finam JSC, which have been professionally engaged in this field for quite a long time and therefore less surprises should be expected from them.

Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank, and a number of other banks have good solutions for mobile trading. They can be attributed to the leaders in this field.

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