I.52. Why most people (95%) losing money on the stock exchange? Who is in the 5% of those who earn on the stock exchange?

Dodgy market makers are shaking the market up and down with a large percentage range. Finding entry and exit points is very difficult. It is very difficult to withstand temporary drops in your account by more than 10%. Most (99%) of people want to invest money on the stock exchange with only one goal – to keep the account growing continuously. But this happens only in rare periods of time. Further, having got used to constant growth, people do not know what to do when growth is replaced by a continuous decline and instead of urgently closing their positions, they continue to hope for a resumption of growth. When they close positions too late, growth “quite unexpectedly” resumes. But the train has already left… You need to know the laws of the exchange. Yes, there are very strict laws on the stock exchange that everyone obeys, even market makers. Later in this book, you will have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the laws of the stock exchange and understand why there are still 5% of those who are used to surviving on the stock exchange and even do it with a certain degree of comfort. These are people who are no different from you, who have probably studied their reaction to the price movement more carefully and have tempered the greed that inevitably arises when making a profit. Yes, it is greed that makes you make blunders and lose your money more and more, destroying your account.

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