I.29. The concept of profit.

Profit is what increases your account. Let’s say you were able to increase your account by 5,000 rubles as a result of the transaction. After collecting the broker’s commission and income tax (13% for Russia), the remainder will form your profit. For example, for FINAM JSC, the broker’s commission is 0.0375% but not less than 41 rubles (if the transaction amount is less than 109333.3 rubles, then the commission will be 41 rubles), then:

5000*(1-13/100) – 41 = 4309 rubles. This is your profit. Of course, the question immediately arises how to reduce the broker’s tax and commission. To reduce the impact of the broker’s commission, use transactions in the amount of at least 109333.3 rubles, and to refund part of the income tax, use the IIA option B (option for tax refund from transactions on the stock exchange).

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