Chapter IX. The cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency Futures Trading.

IX.1. Unlimited profit-making opportunities on the Binance exchange. Creating an account and configuring the security of your account.

The most interesting opportunities for private citizens to earn money is without a doubt the BINANCE exchange. Here are the distinctive features that we have in mind:

– the presence of our own currencies supported by the BNB, BUSD exchange. The exchange actively attracts customers to purchase these assets, doing so through special accumulation programs with very attractive interest rates in USD.

– an extensive number of cryptocurrencies;

– constant addition of new cryptocurrencies;

– P2P trading, where you can act either as a buyer of currencies or as a seller, earning on the difference of buying / selling;

– conducting tournaments and sweepstakes;

– free distribution of new coins for their quick start (airdrop).

– a wide range of cryptocurrency futures;

– low fees, the possibility of reducing fees due to the presence of BNB on your account;

– a lot of capital accumulation programs (BINANCE EARN, staking, mining, POOL, etc.);

– excellent documentation on all the nuances of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier in chapter I.20, we looked at how to register an account on BINANCE and set up security.

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