XI.3. Portfolio Management.

Usually you can work with many tools at the same time, and the task arises of assessing the current state of your capital. You need to know which assets make a profit and which assets bring losses.

Portfolio management can be performed every hour, and maybe once a week. It all depends on your habits and goals, the type of tool you choose.

For example, OFZ is a rather slow tool, it can be monitored 1 time a week or less.

The stock price can change more dynamically and here you need to monitor the situation at least 1 time per hour.

Cryptocurrencies give cause for concern even more often. These tools are very speculative. Of course, the task of portfolio management does not aim precisely at this process. The goal is to achieve the desired financial results with the help of the collected portfolio. Consequently, the resulting unprofitable positions should either be neutralized by hedging, or they should be closed, leaving only those bearing profit.

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