I.2. Why trading? Trading as an ideal business model.

Let’s continue our fascinating journey into the world of trading and try to figure out whether trading is right for you and whether it can be applied to your additional, and maybe over time, basic earnings.

The scheme of any business seems to us to consist of the following blocks:

1. The initial capital that the entrepreneur plans by drawing up his business plan for the implementation of the enterprise.

2. A kind of “black box”, which is a set of actions to extract shares from your company. For a better understanding of the difference, we will present a very typical example of such a “black box”: taking a loan from a bank, buying a land plot, buying construction materials, hiring a construction organization, building a retail space, installing fire and security alarms, concluding contracts with electricity and water supply suppliers, organizations that protect the facility, garbage removal, etc., purchasing commercial equipment, purchase of goods, hiring of personnel, training of personnel, launching sales, making a profit.

3. Payment of taxes, salaries, pension contributions, fines, loans, social payments, etc. and making a profit in a few years when the loan is paid and the initial investments in the project are paid off.

Ugh, already tired of even reading, not to do at least something of the above.

Now imagine what blocks trading consists of:

1. Conclusion of an agreement with a broker.

2. Depositing money into your brokerage account.

3. Installation of a trading terminal (a program for trading). Installation takes 15 minutes.

4. Enter your username and password.

5. Start of trading.

6. Payment of the subscription fee to the broker on the terms of the contract (177-290 rubles per month for a number of brokers).

Everything happens within a few hours, and you are already trading. Please note that the work on paying taxes and deducting brokerage commissions is carried out by the broker himself. I.e. You are not distracted by additional accounting, but are engaged exclusively in trading and profit-making. Also, the process of preparing for the auction is significantly simplified when using the Investment projects offered by many banks directly from the mobile application of your smartphone.

As you can see, the path from the beginning of the enterprise to the moment of receiving money from your company has been sharply reduced, everything superfluous has disappeared, multiple risks have been reduced, everything has been simplified to the limit.

Within the framework of this book, we consider trading to be the ideal model for any business. Yes, of course, in fairness, it is worth mentioning a number of other enterprises that have even greater simplicity: a deposit in a bank at interest, the transfer of money to a private investor, the purchase of currency for a long time, the purchase of real estate or art objects that become more expensive over time, etc. But here the question is very controversial and purely individual. Next, we will show you the features of trading and you will make your own choice.

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