X.18. Trading on stock fluctuations.

Usually, the market spends most of its time flat, about 70% of the time. Movements that cause a significant price change occur in the remaining 30% of the time. Then the first 70% of the time can be considered as some kind of noise or background. When switching to a smaller timeframe, this background may contain its own movements, its own levels, which may also be interesting for trading.

Fig.241. Flat of February 2022 on Sberbank shares for the weekly chart.

Fig.242. The daily schedule of the Sberbank stock gives a completely different picture.

Figures 241, 242 show a different vision of the situation for different timeframes. In Fig..241 the selected fragment of the chart may seem like a flat platform, however, when we increase on the daily chart, we see a price change in the range of 6%, which allows us to make quite a decent trade.

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