I.54. Adaptive development of a trading algorithm. Testing the algorithm. Strict adherence to the algorithm.

Later in this book, we will look at the issue of the trading algorithm in more detail. Now we will point out that in order to form an algorithm – your algorithm – you need statistical material of your transactions, and your analysis of your actions in these transactions. Traders usually keep a diary for this purpose, allowing, if necessary, to take another look at your actions in the past and understand what allowed you to take a profit or make a loss.

Each new deal helps you to understand your reaction or, on the contrary, to see confusion from an unexpected turn of events that you could not even imagine.

Honing the algorithm in each new transaction, you test it and confirm the position of the algorithm, or correct it.

Further strict adherence to the algorithm will be found very valuable by you, because your account will begin to increase inexorably from day to day. So, the presence of an algorithm and its adaptation will multiply your capital. So we need an algorithm, and we need to develop it as quickly as possible. Further materials in this book will allow you to do this. In fact, this book is the algorithm of your future trading.

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