Dear reader. Despite the fact that this book is distributed by me exclusively for free and is prohibited for commercial gain by anyone, it will allow you to save simply huge amounts of your money annually, not only when playing on the stock exchange, but also in everyday life, because the stock exchange is essentially a model of financial relations in all spheres of human life. activities where money is involved and taking place in the era of capitalism, which has reached an unprecedented scale by now due to the use of computers and the Internet. In fact, this is a textbook on financial literacy, which is so lacking in our time. Every year, new millions of newcomers are involved in financial games, who are immediately “milked” by banks and large financial business sharks who are well versed in the laws of stock trading, and in times of crisis due to the impoverishment of a huge number of “players”, i.e. ordinary people, big players increase their profits tenfold (see, for example, the 2010 film “Inside job”, the 2015 film “Big short”), while experiencing greedy excitement and the lack of at least a drop of compassion for their victims – all the other people of the world, doomed to drag out a miserable existence for many years.

If you naively believe that you are very far from the stock exchange and do not want to hear anything about it, then know that life on the planet in the era of capitalism and the Internet has been turned into a huge stock exchange, where all people are forced to make daily transactions for a variety of goods and services, in a variety of situations, and in the vast majority of cases to lose your money literally on everything due to the lack of knowledge of the laws of the exchange, which literally permeate all spheres of our life. Yes, that’s exactly what I want to say – at every step you are waylaid by a speculator who wants to sell his goods to you profitably or it is unprofitable for you to buy your goods (for example, salary). At the same time, all this is masked by beautiful packaging, bright lighting, brilliant decorations, a fake smile, the promise of obvious advantages, services and other things that are completely unnecessary to you. Lies permeate our entire society from toe to crown. And for a very long time [1].

Learn to resist all this deceitful world of speculators by mastering the exact science of stock trading. You will learn to recognize with lightning speed in ordinary practice cases when a deal is extremely unprofitable for you or vice versa, as well as to make a decision quickly. Moreover, more often the best deal may be a deal that did not take place, and you did not lose your money.

The project of this book is supported on the website, where new editions of the book, new articles and videos on the topic of the book are periodically added as the author continues his research on this extensive topic. The author will be grateful for the formation of a community of traders who participate in the expansion of this project with their ideas and materials. Traders offering paid courses or their own websites are invited to post information about their projects on our website, which will allow people to quickly find the information they need in one place.

The author sincerely hopes that the book will be widely recognized by hundreds of millions of inhabitants of our planet who are forced to live in the environment of capitalism, who want to preserve and increase their savings and not fall into the trap of greedy bankers and speculators who are lying in wait for them at every step. The book, according to the author, will contribute to the creation of a more equal society, where everyone can more confidently protect their interests and not be subjected to the arbitrariness of employers, supervisors, bankers and other annoying people who want to humiliate you and use you as a resource to create surplus value for themselves [1].

I sincerely hope that together with our own hands we will build a new world that we need, and not that they impose on us. A world in which your personal interests, ideas, beliefs will take the first place, and not the interests of the media, corporations, employers, bankers and other structures pursuing their selfish animal interests for unlimited enrichment, which eventually necessarily periodically leads to the collapse of the entire financial pyramid of the planet according to the laws of capitalism, described by K. Marx in his work “Capital”.

Use freely the ideas given in this book for the good of yourself, your people, your country, your children and grandchildren, parents for the prosperity of our planet and each individual. We will defeat a handful of powerful scammers who keep the world in a tight financial stranglehold, only by joint vigilance and control over the movement of our financial resources between people.

I sincerely wish you well-being, prosperity and a peaceful blue sky over your head on our beautiful planet.

Sincerely yours, Well-Wisher.

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