I.18. Initial setup Quick.

Let’s show you how to use the QUIK terminal. We will set up QUICK after installation for trading options on the RTS index.

1. Find out from your broker the path where the distributions of the Quick program are laid out. FINAM broker has distributions stored on the website edox.finam.ru . Next, you log into your personal account and select “Trade”  “Trading programs”  “Distribution” in the site menu. Download Quick and the KEYGEN secret key generation program. Install the Quick program.

2. Launch KEYGEN, Specify the path where to generate a secret key called “securing.txk” and the path to generate a public key “pubring.txk”. The data must be placed in a difficult-to-detect folder so that an attacker cannot easily find them. We write the name of the key owner, for example, “Ioffe Vladimir Aaronovich”. Enter a password of at least 8 characters. Click “Next” and then “Create”.

3. The pubring.txk file must be registered in the Client’s Account https://edox.finam.ru . To do this, you need to log in to this portal, then go to the “Trade” section – “Information and Trading Systems (ITS)” and select the menu item “Key registration in Quik”, fill out the form (select an account) and add the pubring.txk file. Registration of keys takes place around the clock and takes about 30 minutes.

4. Launching Quick. In the program menu, select “System”  “Settings”  “Basic settings”  “Program”  “Encryption”. Next, on the right, click the “…” button to the right of the “Encrypt with SKZI” field. Specifying the paths to the previously generated key.

5. In the Quick menu, select “System”  “Establish connection” or the golden key icon on the toolbar. A password request window will appear as in Fig.6. Enter the password, click “Login”. We are waiting for the data to load. The program loads a lot of data into memory and it may hang on a weak computer.

Fig.6. Password request window.

6. If the program requests an update, refuse until you are sure that the current version is working. After downloading, the program will open a number of windows by default. Let’s show how to make a Quick view as shown in Fig.7. If a request is issued to update the tools, we agree.

Fig.7. Quick window configured for options trading.

7. Click “Save settings to file” in the “System” menu and save the current configuration of the windows location, if you suddenly want to return to it later.

8. Close all open windows inside the Quick program.

9. To understand the options designations, read the page on the website in more detail www.moex.com à A gray button with three horizontal stripes to open the site menu à “Derivatives” à “We agree with the user agreement of the Moscow Exchange” à “Tools” à “Code Specification” and scroll the page to the table “Coding of the month of execution”. Familiarize yourself with the international designation of the letters of the periods of validity of options and futures.

9. In the program menu, select “Create window” à “Current trades”. In the “Available Tools” block, we will select some tools. Find the line “RTS Indexes” and double-click “RTSI”. As of the date of writing the book, March, 2022, we will select options that are relevant for this time period. Scroll through the list with yellow pluses to the FORTS futures line, click plus and in the drop-down list, double-click alternately (the selected positions will be displayed in the “Row Headers” block) options for March 2022 – “RIH2”, June 2022 “RIM2”, September 2022 “RIU2”, December 2022 “RIZ2”. Let’s also add a number of oil futures, because the RTS index is closely related to it and reacts strongly to them. There we also select the April-December futures BRJ2, BRK2, BRM2, BRN2, BRO2, BRU2, BRV2, BRX2, BRZ2. Next, go to the “Available parameters” field. Let’s select a number of columns of the future table “Current trades”: “% change from opening”, “Price of the last transaction”, “Buyer’s warranty”. Click the “Yes” button. The “Current Trades” window will appear. Set it as in Fig.7. To change the table, hover the mouse over the white area, right-click and select “Edit Table”. In this table, we will need to monitor the percentage of price changes in the RTS index and oil futures during trading

10. Next, we will form the “Account Status” window. In the Quick menu, click “Create Window” à “Account Status”. Specify the “Client code” in the drop-down list, for example, “7618kdi”. If necessary, select “Positions” in the left field and select the desired columns (for example, GO) of the “Account Status” table. Click the “Yes” button. Set the window as shown in Fig. 7.

11. Next, set up the “Options Board” window. In the Quick menu, select “Create Window” à “All types of windows” à “Select Futures and Options” à “Options Board” à OK. In the window that opens, “Creating an options board”, in the “Base Asset” drop-down list, select June options RTS-6.22. Expiration date, select “06/16/2022”. The number of strikes is 10. Check the boxes “The Central strike is always visible”, “Automatically take the specified volatility from the system”. Click the “…” button next to “Color settings”, select the font of the central strike “Courier New”. Using the “Available parameters” block, we will select the parameters “Demand CALL”, “Offer CALL”, “Theory. Price CALL”, “Calculation. CALL Award”, “Strike”, “Calculation. PUT Award”, “Theor. Price PUT”, “Demand PUT”, “Offer PUT”, “CALL Code”, “PUT Code”. Check the box “Option type at the end of the header”. Click OK. Set the “Options Board” window as shown in Fig. 7.

12. Let’s output a price and volume chart for the RIH2 instrument. In the menu, select “Create window” à “Graph”. In the list, select “FORTS futures” à RIH2. Click “Select”. Let’s set the window as shown in Fig.7. Move the mouse inside the “Price and volume chart” window that appears, click the right button and select “Interval” à “Daily”. Click the right button inside the window again and select “Edit” à “Area 1” à RIH2 [Price]. Set the desired candle color. “Chart view” à “Bars”. In the Line Color line, select the average line thickness. If you want to change the background color of the chart in the left field, click “Chart” and select the tab on the right “Appearance” and set a new color for the fields “Background”, “Scales”, “Grid”, “Font”, “Additional levels”. Click the “Apply”, “OK” buttons. If necessary, add a Volume indicator if it is not displayed. Click the right button inside the “Price and Volume Chart” window and select “Add chart (indicator)”. Select Volume and then Add. Try to make the graph look like in Figure 7 yourself as an exercise.

13. Let’s form the glass window of the option we need. Let’s say we need to buy 1 CALL option on strike 95000. Hover the mouse over the Options Board above the line with the desired strike over the green zone and double-click. The window that appears will be set as in Fig.7.

14. We will add a table of transactions and a table of applications. Click on the menu “Create window” à “Applications”. Click on the menu “Create window” à “Transactions”. Set the manually opened windows as shown in Fig. 7.

15. We will also add charts of the RTS index and, for example, the Euro exchange rate and Sberbank shares to demonstrate the capabilities of Quick. Click “Create Window” à “Graph”. Let’s choose “RTS Indexes” à RTSI. Right-click inside the window to indicate the “Interval” à “Daily”. Minimize the window and place the minimized window under the transaction table window as in Fig.7.

Click “Create Window” à “Graph”. Let’s choose MICEX Currency: Indices à EURRUB_F1S. Right-click inside the window to indicate the “Interval” à “Daily”. Minimize the window and place the minimized window under the transaction table window as in Fig. 7.

Click “Create Window” à “Graph”. Let’s choose MICEX Currency: Indices à EURRUB_F1S. Right-click inside the window to indicate the “Interval” à “Daily”. Minimize the window and place the minimized window under the transaction table window as in Fig.7.

Click “Create Window” à “Graph”. Let’s choose MB FR. T+ Shares, etc. à Sberbank. Right-click inside the window to indicate the “Interval” à “Daily”. Minimize the window and place the minimized window under the transaction table window as in Fig. 7.

16. Finally, let’s create another useful window based on the Current Trades window. In the menu, select “Create window” à “Current trades”. Let’s choose SPB: Shares. Next, double-click to select 30 American stocks forming the Dow Jones index:

StockPrice 23.05.22, $Dividends, % per year (approximately)
NVIDIA Corporation (American technology company, developer of graphics processors and systems on a chip (SoC). The company’s developments have become widespread in the video game industry, professional visualization, high-performance computing and the automotive industry, where Nvidia onboard computers are used as the basis for self-driving cars.)1670,05-0,1
    The Boeing Company (the world’s largest aerospace company, a leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners, military aircraft, satellites, missile defense systems, as well as an after-sales service provider.)123,52,2
Amazon com (an American company, the world’s largest in the markets of e-commerce platforms and public cloud computing by revenue and market capitalization)2117
Microsoft Corporation (one of the largest multinational companies producing proprietary software for various kinds of computing equipment — personal computers, game consoles, PDAs, mobile phones and others. Developer of the most widely used software platform in the world at the moment — the Windows family of operating systems)2600,7-0,9
Bank of America (bank)362
Alcoa Corp. (an American vertically integrated holding company engaged in the extraction of bauxite, the production of alumina, aluminum products and its alloys.)63,40,5
Intel Corp. (an American company, developer and manufacturer of electronic devices and computer components: microprocessors and system logic sets (chipsets) for client computing systems and data centers, FPGAs (Altera), chips for artificial intelligence systems (Mobileye, Nervana, Habana) and for the Internet of Things, non-volatile memory)422,5-3
Caterpillar Inc. (an American company, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction and mining equipment.)2052,24
The Kraft Heinz Company is an American food concern that emerged after the merger of Kraft Foods Inc. and H.J. Heinz Company. It is the third largest among food and beverage companies in North America[3] and the fifth in this segment worldwide.394,17
Exxon Mobil Corp. (the largest public oil and gas company. It was formed in 1999 as a result of the merger of two major oil companies Exxon and Mobil. Both Exxon and Mobil were direct “descendants” of the American oil monopoly Standard Oil Co., created by John D. Rockefeller and partners in 1870)943,82
Pfizer Inc. (is a global biopharmaceutical company based on research. The company is engaged in the discovery, development and production of health products. Its global portfolio includes medicines and vaccines.)533
The Coca-Cola Company (American food company, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of concentrates, syrups and soft drinks.)62,82,82
Cisco Systems (The American company Cisco Systems is engaged in the production of network and telecommunications equipment and the development of software for managing computer networks. It operates under five brands: Cisco, Linksys, WebEx, IronPort and Scientific Atlanta.)43,563,47
Johnson & Johnson (Johnson & Johnson Company is engaged in research, development, production and sale of various products in the field of hygiene and healthcare worldwide. It consists of more than 250 subsidiaries in more than 60 countries, products are sold in more than 175 countries.)1792,5
McDonald’s Corp (an American corporation operating in the field of public catering, the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants[6], operating under the franchise system[7]. At the end of 2018, 37,855 restaurants operated under the McDonald’s trademark, of which 35,085 were franchised. The corporation is included in the list of the largest Fortune 500 companies in the USA (in 2019 — 149th place)2372,4
Chevron Corp. (the second largest American oil and gas company by capitalization. Chevron’s activities include the extraction and processing of oil and gas, petrochemicals, LNG production, as well as the development of renewable energy sources (RES).)170,43,29
The Walt Disney Company (Founded on October 16, 1923 by brothers Walter Elias and Roy Oliver Disney as a small animation studio, is currently one of the largest multinational media corporations, one of the largest Hollywood studios, owner of 11 amusement parks and two water parks, as well as several broadcasting networks, including the American Broadcasting Company (ABC))104,71,3
Verizon Communications Inc (provides fixed and mobile communications services, satellite broadband Internet access services, as well as information services. In addition, the company owns a large business for the production of telephone directories.)505,14
AT&T Inc. (an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The world’s largest telecommunications company and one of the largest media conglomerates. It is the largest provider of both local and long-distance telephone communications in the United States[10], as well as the second largest cellular operator in the United States. The largest provider of direct satellite broadcasting in the USA via DirecTV. It ranks 18th in the list of the largest mobile operators in the world with 135 million subscribers.)20,849
The Home Depot Inc. (American retail chain, which is the largest on the planet for the sale of repair tools and building materials.)2852,47
Wal mart Inc. (an American company operating the world’s largest wholesale and retail chain operating under the Walmart trademark.)1231,88
JPMorgan Chase & Co (the largest American company according to Forbes Global 2000, which provides financial services worldwide. The firm is one of the world leaders in the field of investment banking, financial services for business, commercial banking, financial transaction processing. The bank has more than 3.6 trillion dollars under management.)21,343,32
The Procter & Gamble Company (an American multinational consumer goods corporation headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, founded in 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. It specializes in a wide range of personal/consumer health products, as well as personal care and hygiene products; these products are organized into several segments, including beauty, self-care, healthcare, fabrics and home care)1452,48
3M Company (the largest diversified technology company headquartered in Maplewood (Minnesota), producing and selling a wide range of products for various industries, including industrial, consumer and healthcare.)1454,13
International Business Machines (IBM) is an information technology company that provides integrated solutions that use information technology and knowledge of business processes. The company operates in the following segments: cloud and cognitive software, global Business Services, global Technology Services, Systems and Global Finance.)131,55,11-6,3
American Express Company (крупнейшая американская многопрофильная компания. Оказывает услуги в сфере туризма, выпускает и обслуживает карточные продукты и дорожные чеки.)158,51,3
Merck & Co (an international pharmaceutical company that provides innovative healthcare solutions through prescription drugs, vaccines, biological therapies and animal health products.)942,86
The Travelers Companies (an American holding company engaged in providing a wide range of products and services for the insurance of commercial and personal property and accident insurance for enterprises, government agencies, associations and individuals.)1722,2
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (a company offering technological innovations that accelerate business transformation. Manufactures servers, supercomputers, data storage systems, storage networks, network equipment, converged systems, and also builds cloud infrastructures and solutions in the Internet of Things segment.)14,53
General Electric Company (the largest multinational corporation engaged in the development, production and sale of a wide range of electrical products.)760,43
eBay Inc. (an American company providing services in the areas of online auctions (the main field of activity) and online stores.)452
Ford Company (not included in the index, an American automobile company specializing in the production of passenger cars of the Ford, Mercury, Lincoln brands, trucks, various agricultural machinery. Ford owns the Jaguar company.)132-6,?
Alphabet Inc (Google, )2225

Now you have a powerful indicator to analyze the situation in the world.

Select the available parameters: “Current price”, “% change from opening”, “Turnover in money”, Click “Yes”. We will minimize the window and place it where it is convenient for you.

17. The transaction process is similar to TRANSAQ. To enter an application, activate by clicking the glass you have open (when working with options, you need two glasses: one for PUT options, the other for CALL options), double-click in the glass at the desired price. Click “Purchase”, if you need to buy, specify the price, the volume in lots, your customer code (required), click “Yes”. Working with applications is presented in the Actions menu. Note that if one of the glasses is active, you can quickly plot the tool by selecting “Actions” à “Plot”. Conditional orders are presented in the menu “Actions” à “New stop order”. At the top you will see a drop-down list “Stop order type”, where you can choose the desired option. Do not forget to specify the “Client Code” for the execution of the application.

Fig.8. Entering an application into Quick software.

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