I.53. What distinguishes a successful trader from an unsuccessful one?

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand where luck comes from in the opinion of others. Is it a gift from God or is it following some criteria for assessing the current trading situation?

The so – called successful trader is distinguished by the following features of his trading method:

1) The presence of certain trading rules. For example, if you were beaten three times during the day, then no further trading is carried out on that day.

2) The ability to exit a deal without hesitation when certain conditions are met.

3) The ability to avoid stupor when you fall into the trap of a sharp increase in loss.

4) The most important thing is to know exactly at what price the transaction should be closed immediately. 5) The use of short stop loss techniques and the use of reliable entry points. At least, stop at that and stop that the probability of error is still present.

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