III.7. Waiting for the confirmation of the trading signal.

Having decided on the level, you need to be patient to wait for the right moment to enter. You can set the entire combination of orders and stop-losses in advance to automate the entry at the right moment.

Here, take profit orders can be a good solution, allowing you to make your entry even more successful, for example, when the price reaches the desired level and continues to move down. Let’s show an example of such an application for the Transaq trading terminal.

Figure 104 shows the take profit request for entering the long when the price reaches T.7 in Figure 103 for the LUKOIL stock. At this point, the price continues its rapid downward movement, and we would have a drawdown or be knocked out by the stop. In Fig.104, the take profit request, when the price reaches 6000 rubles, fails after the price and when moving up on the reverse movement by 0.5% (30 rubles indicated in the hare), it triggers and buys 1 lot of LUKOIL shares, saving our money.

Fig.104. The window of the Take profit request for entering the Long.

The situation shown in fact automatically shifts our entry point in the right direction and works more favorably for us.

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