XIII.12. The “Three Friends” technique (3 moving averages).

A technique based on the use of signals based on three moving averages. Algorithm.

1. Go to the website https://ru.tradingview/chart .

2. Add 3 EMA indicators to the chart of the desired instrument (see Figure 254) and set them to different lengths, for example, in Figure 254, lengths 7 (purple), 16 (red), 50 (ultramarine) are applied).

Figure 254. LTSUSD cryptocurrency chart with three EMAS.

3. We make deals at the intersection of moving averages, for example, when ulramarine intersects with violet, we sell from above, and buy from below.

4. The algorithm lends itself well to programming. In TSLAB software, it is possible to select such length parameters for each EMA that will give the highest profit.

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