X.9. Trading according to the Renata Valeeva method.

A trader with a Moscow University education (MSU), has a degree of a certified financial analyst, worked for five years as a trader in foreign exchange reserves in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

What is available to the majority has a low price, Rinat believes.

Rinat’s trading technique is based on the following basic methods:

– technical analysis (candlestick analysis, support and resistance zones);

– catching market impulses;

– search for good entry points within the correction after the main movement, counting on the continuation of the trend;

– the trader’s thinking should be trending, it is necessary to cut off countertrend ideas;

– it is necessary to cut off early closing of positions;

– search for false breakouts;

– the position is set in parts.

– For part of the position we use a fixed profit stop, for the other part /parts we use take profit.

– Always put stop-losses.

– volatility = profit;

– it is necessary to keep the risk on the transaction no more than 2-2.5% of the capital.

– build up your position when making a profit.

– the strategy should be strictly formalized at 100%; – trading is a very difficult occupation.

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