II.16. Search for trading signals.

From the above material, you have already mastered a number of significant ways to search for market entry: trends, levels, technical figures. analysis. The trading signal for you should be the price that you find attractive in this particular situation. Perhaps you are guided by the waves of price movement, perhaps you have calculated the required entry point using risk management models. The choice here is very individual, and no one will tell you the exact price when you should come in. However, the basis for you will be the price of the nearest level and it is better to focus on this price, forming an entry point near the level. The situation shown in Fig.76 for the Yandex cIA stock shows 3 trading signals at points 1-3. So in volume 3, the appearance of a long long bar confirms the upward movement. We hold the Long until the signal to sell appears in volume 1 and go into the short. We leave the short for your reasons, but in vol. 2 a strong short signal appears, which forces us to go into the short again. Note that all the signals appeared near the price levels of 5200, 5800, 6000, 6200 rubles.

Fig.76. Yandex cIA share. Trading Signals

Fig.77. Action “JSC System”. Trading Signals Figure 77 shows the upward trend of the stock “Sistema AO”. The signal to enter the long is T.1. In t.2 there is a signal for a short transaction, in t.3 there is a strong volume of purchases, we turn over to long. In t.4 there is a sign for sale, although the volume is small, here you should wait for the next bar. on confirmation in vol.5, we go into a long and then sit in a position or else we collect additional lots on confirmation in vol. 6, 7. In vol.8, we get a signal to slow down purchases and rest on the level of 31 rubles. It is possible to go short with a stop. The bar in volume 9 shows a sales failure, we enter the long. At the level of 32 rubles per ton .10 we meet resistance, enter the short. At the level of 31 rubles in t.11, we push off to long. In t.12, we see resistance at the level of 31 rubles, we turn over to short. In vol. 13, a powerful sign for a long time, we go in. In vol. 14, we rest against the resistance of the price of 36 rubles. We turn over into shorts. In t.15 we see a failure of sales, we go long. In t.16 we exit from all operations, because we observe the end of the upward trend.

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