X.3. Wave trading by Alexander Rezvyakov.

“Let the profits flow and cut off the losses” is the main idea of the methodology of Alexander Rezvyakov, one of the brightest traders on the Russian market. Alexander develops the ideas of catching big movements, multi-day deals. Trim losses even more, increase profits even more. Alexander practices the use of large shoulders, large volumes. Reduce the number of unprofitable transactions. Transactions at 50-200%, for a few days of retention.

Alexander introduces the concept of a “shock day”, i.e. when a long candle with a large volume appears. Having gained a profit on this day, we continue to keep the deal on until the exhaustion of all the profits taken on the shock day. One profitable trade should cover a series of unprofitable ones. The advantage of long trades is higher profit, less unprofitable trades. We enter into such transactions where there are transactions of at least 12% profit. We earn, then we switch to a super game using the previously earned profit.

The main material on Alexander’s methodology can be found in a two-hour video here


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