III.16. Trading before the close since the beginning of the American session.

Starting from 16:00 Moscow time until the closing of the session (the session ends at 18:45 Moscow time), the MICEX can also observe price surges either up or down. Let’s give examples on the shares of Gazprom JSC.

Figure 113 shows a sharp downward movement that began at 16:00 at the opening of the American session, which gave 0.87%.

Figure 114 shows the upward movement of two bars, which began at 17:00 at the opening of the American session, giving 0.81%.

This strategy can also be recommended for use after your own observations of a particular tool.

Fig.113. Gazprom JSC share 23.07.22, hourly chart

Figure 114. Gazprom JSC share on 28.07.22, hourly chart

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