I.19. Initial setup CScalp.

The Scalp software allows you to connect to the exchanges Binance, FIX, By Beat, EXMO, Lowkey, Bitmix, Bitfinex, Mosbirge.

Scalping ideas are very original and require separate explanations. The Scalp itself is also very specific, but exceptionally good for super-fast manipulations with applications using the mouse or keyboard. If you like quick applications, then Qscalp will make you happy. The program is free, has excellent Internet support, allowing you to slowly get acquainted with all the nuances in three days.

Therefore, we recommend that you immerse yourself in the world of scalping together with Konstantin Akhmetov, a leading trader and mentor of the CScalp team. In addition to the general course, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with K. Akhmetov’s paid course on cryptocurrencies. In it, you will learn everything you may need in the world of cryptocurrency futures trading.

https://fsr-develop.ru/kak-podklychitsa-k-binancefutures/?utm_source=launcher   instructions for installing CScalp and connecting to the Binance exchange.

https://fsr-develop.ru/free-cryptocurrency-scalping-course free scalping course.

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