XIII.5. The “Morning Marathon” technique (trading at the opening).

This strategy is suitable for fast and agile traders, designed to catch rapid price changes at the opening of a trading session. The goal of such a strategy is 1%-2% for the first five to fifteen minutes (see Figure 250, the main movement occurs at the opening).

Example of implementation.

1. We put a market bid for the purchase.

2. Slightly lower by 0.2%, we place a stop order.

3. Under the stop a little lower, we put a take profit to buy under the closing price, in case the price fails. The robot will move along with the price. We set the correction to 1%.

4. We are waiting for the reaction of the price movement. If it jerked down, we work on take profit and after triggering we put a stop loss under the transaction.

5. If it jerked up, we immediately make a stop loss and move it after the price.

6. Jerked up and immediately jerked down – the stop loss will work and then the tail profit will pick up. Net price movements at the opening up or down are quite common, but not always. More often there is a strong twitching up and down. It is necessary to try to understand what is happening today in the course of the play in order to make a decision about the success of such a strategy.

Figure 250. Price jumps in bars by 6% during the day of the Lukoil share».

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