I.25. The concept of a glass in trade.

The glass is a table consisting of two halves. Usually the upper part is painted pink and contains data about those who want to sell (ask). It reflects the price at which they want to sell and the volume in lots.

The lower part is usually colored light green and reflects the purchase offer and contains a list of prices and volumes in lots (bid).

Why do you need this glass? The glass reflects important trading information about the availability of large packages at a particular price level. Usually the market tends to move towards a large package. The market maker sets one large package to buy slightly below the current price, and another to sell slightly above the current price and drives the market between these price levels.

Fig.23. Glass (book of proposals) This ensures the required market volatility throughout the day. At the same time, the market maker will not necessarily allow you to buy the exposed package. He can remove it as soon as the price approaches him and immediately put it higher for further pushing the market up / down. You can make money on such movements up and down, using only the information of the glass. Please note that only the submitted applications are displayed in the glass. This means that a certain owner of a large package may unexpectedly buy a large package or packages of interest to him and push the price up, while we will not see him in the glass, and we will be able to judge his appearance only by a strong jerk of the price up or down. The glass is convenient to use for making single transactions for the entire volume of your application at a time.

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