Chapter XVI. List of sources used.

XVI.1. K. Marx. Capital.

XVI.2. I. Toshchakov. Forex: playing for money.

XVI.3. Max Gunther. Axioms of a stock speculator.

XVI.4. Jack D. Schwager. “Technical analysis. Full course”.

XVI.5. John Murphy “Technical analysis of futures markets: theory and practice”.

XVI.6. Edwin Lefevre “Memories of a stock speculator”.

XVI.7. Eric L. Naiman “Small encyclopedia of a trader”.

XVI.8. Alexander Elder “How to play and win on the stock exchange”.

XVI.9. Bill Williams “Trading chaos. Expert methods of profit maximization”.

XVI.10. Mark Douglas “Zonal trading”

XVI.11. Lewis Borselino “Textbook on day trading”.

XVI.12. Van Tharp “Supertrader. How to make money on the stock exchange in any conditions”.

XVI.13. Steve Neeson “Japanese candlesticks: graphical analysis of financial markets”.

XVI.14. Alexander Gerchik “The course of an active trader”.

XVI.15. Jack K. Hutson “The Wyckoff Method”.

XVI.16. Richard Smitten “The life and death of the greatest stock speculator”.

XVI.17. Jack D. Schwager “Stock magicians. Interview with top traders”.

XVI.18. Adam Smith “The Exchange is a game for money”.

XVI.19. Sergey Silantyev. The logic of option trading.

XVI.20. Dm. Cheremushkin. The trader’s way.

XVI.21. Robert Miner. Trading strategies with a high probability of success.

XVI.22. Peter Lynch, John Rothschild. Beat Wall Street.

XVI.23. Robert Hagstrom. Warren Buffett. How to turn $5 into 50 billion.

XVI.24. Linda Raschke. Exchange secrets.

XVI.25. William J. O’Neill. How to make money on the stock market.

XVI.26. Thomas Bulkovsky. A complete encyclopedia of graphical price models.

XVI.27. Simon Vine. Options.

XVI.28. J. Murphy. Technical analysis of futures markets.

XVI.29. L. Williams. Long-term secrets of short-term trading.

XVI.30. T. Williams. The Owners of the Markets.

XVI.31. A. Elder. Inputs and outputs.

XVI.32. E. Naiman. Small encyclopedia of the trader.

XVI.33. Richard Weissman. Mechanical trading systems. Psychology of trading and technical analysis

XVI.34. Sheldon Natenberg. Options: volatility and valuation.

XVI.35. T. Martynov. The mechanism of trading.

XVI.36. A. Elder. Trading with Dr. Elder.

XVI.37. Ralph Vince. Mathematics of money management.

XVI.38. Jack D. Schwager. Magicians of the stock market.

XVI.39. L. Williams. Secrets of trading in the futures market.

XVI.40. R. Valeev. The art of trading.

XVI.41. Michael Mobussin. More than you know.

XVI.42. Nicholas Darvas. Investor-dancer.

XVI.43. Alexander Elder. How to play and win on the stock exchange.

XVI.44. Alexander Gerchik. The Stock Grail or the adventures of trader Pinocchio.

XVI.45. Alexander Elder. Trading. The first steps

of XVI.46. Connie Brooke. The Predators’ Ball.

XVI.47. Kevin Connolly, Mikhail Chekulaev. Buying and Selling Volatility.

XVI.48. Alexander Kurguzkin. Stock trading. Playing by your own rules.

XVI. 49. Jack D. Schwager. New magicians of the market.

XVI.50. Lance Begs. Price action course.

XVI.51. Alexander Elder. Basics of stock trading

XVI.52. Richard Smitten, Jesse Livermore. Stock trading.

XVI.53. Gary Smith. How I play and win on the stock exchange.

XVI.54. Jeffrey Owen Katz, Donna McCormick. Encyclopedia of trading strategies

XVI.55. Alexander Elder. The strongest signal in technical analysis.

XVI.56. A. Purnov. Side-by-side analysis (lecture on Youtube).

XVI.57. A. Purnov. Positional trading (lecture on Youtube).

XVI.58. A. Purnov. Options to start (lecture on Youtube).

XVI.59. A. Rezvyakov. Catching big movements (seminar on YouTube).

XVI.60. A. Silaev. Money without fools. Why investing is harder than it seems, and how to do it right.

XVI.61. A.Elder. How to play and win on the stock exchange. Psychology. Technical analysis. Capital control.

XVI.62. K. Face. The Way of the Turtles. From amateurs to legendary traders.

XVI.63. E. Lefebvre. Wall Street Stories.

XVI.64. Scott Patterson. Quanta. How math wizards made billions and nearly brought down the stock market.

XVI.65. Mike Bellafiore. One good trade. Hidden information about the highly competitive world of private trading.

XVI.66. M. Douglas. Zonal trading.

XVI.67. E. Schroeder. Warren Buffett. The best investor in the world.

XVI.68. A.Elder. Trading with Dr. Elder. Encyclopedia of stock trading

XVI.69. M. Douglas. Disciplined trader.

XVI.70. Rolf John, Pipe Peter. Monkey labor. Wall Street from the inside

XVI.71. B. Biggs. Hedger came out of the fog…

XVI.72. Brett Steenbarger. Psychology of trading. Tools and methods of decision-making.

XVI.73. Timofey Martynov. The mechanism of trading. How to build a business on the stock exchange?

XVI.74. John J. Murphy, John J. Murphy. Technical analysis of futures markets. Theory and practice.

XVI.75. E. Chirkova. Financial propaganda, or a Naked Investor

XVI.76. Isaac Becker. Don’t lose it! What did “papa” Kiyosaki keep silent about?

XVI.77. B. Biggs. The hedger’s way. Earn or die.

XVI.78. John Brooks. Business adventures. 12 classic stories of Wall Street

XVI.79. Alexander Gerchik, Tatiana Lukashevich. The exchange for blondes

XVI.80. V. A. Taran. Is it easy to play on the stock exchange?! (collection).

XVI.81. Dm. Cheremushkin. The trader’s way. How to become a millionaire by trading in financial markets.

XVI.82. Terni Duff. Confessions of the Wolf of Wall Street. The story of a legendary trader.

XVI.83. Robert Prekter, Alfred Frost. Elliott wave principle. The key to understanding the market.

XVI.84. Richard Ferry. All about asset allocation.

XVI.85. Bill Williams, Justin Gregory-Williams and Bill Williams.Trading chaos. Increase of profit by methods of technical analysis.

XVI.86. Frank Partnoy. FIASCO. Confessions of a Wall Street Trader.

XVI.87. Jim Paul, Brendan Moynihan. What I learned after losing a million dollars.

XVI.88. Curtis Face. Trading based on intuition. How to make money on the stock exchange using the full potential of the brain.

XVI.89. Michael Kovel. Stock trading by trends. How to make money by observing market trends.

XVI.90. A. Elder. How to fix profits, limit losses and benefit from falling prices. Selling and playing for a fall.

XVI.91. J. Bogle. Investors versus speculators.

XVI.92. E. Chirkova. The Anatomy of a financial bubble.

XVI.93. Dennis Howard Marks. Market cycles. How to identify and use patterns for successful investment

XVI.94. E. Chirkova.The investment philosophy of Warren Buffett, or what the biographers of the financial guru are silent about.

XVI.95. Steve Neeson. Beyond Japanese candles. New Japanese methods of graphical analysis.

XVI.96. Simon Vine. Investment and trading. Formation of an individual approach to decision-making.

XVI.97. Lawrence A. Connors, Linda Bradford Rashki. Exchange secrets. Highly effective short-term trading strategies.

XVI.98. Robert Koppel. Bulls, bears and millionaires. Chronicles of stock market battles.

XVI.99. A. Smith. Super money. A cautionary tale about investing and market bubbles.

XVI.100. Victor Niederhoffer, Laurel Kenner. The practice of stock speculation.

XVI.101. Bill Williams.New dimensions in stock trading. How to Profit from Chaos: Stock, Bond and Futures Markets (collection).

XVI.102. Ketty Lin. Day trading on the Forex market. Profit-making strategies.

XVI.103. S. Zmeev. Intuitive Trading. Secrets of a Neuroinsider. Stock magic.

XVI.104. Simon Vine. Options. A complete course for professionals.

XVI.105. Barton Biggs. Hedger’s diary. Barton Biggs on the stock market.

XVI.106. Tony Turner. Short-term trading. A Beginner’s Guide.

XVI.107. Eric Nyman. How to buy cheap and sell expensive. Handbook for a reasonable investor.

XVI.108. Joseph Yu. Stiglitz. A steep dive. America and the new economic order after the global crisis.

XVI.109. A.A. Kulikov. Forex for beginners. Handbook of a stock speculator.

XVI.110. V.V. Tvardovsky. Secrets of stock trading. Trading stocks on stock exchanges.

XVI.111. Lewis Borselino with the participation of Patricia Crisafulli. A textbook on day trading.

XVI.112. David Brown, Cassandra Bentley. All about stock market investment strategies. An easy way to start your journey.

XVI.113. Laura Rittenhouse. Buffett’s letters. The complete guide.

XVI.114. Larry Williams. Secrets of trading in the futures market. Act together with insiders.

XVI.115. Aswat Damodaran. Investment stories. Exposing myths about win-win exchange strategies.

XVI.116. Evgeny Sipyagin. Tutorial of stock trading.

XVI.117. Boris Shilov, Sergey Semenov. Stock exchange history.

XVI. 118. I. V. Belolutsky. Trading on exchanges. Work and earn.

XVI. 119. A. Burenin. Investor diaries. Book 1. Lessons of stock trading.

XVI.120. John Murphy. Inter-market analysis. Principles of interaction of financial markets.

XVI.121. Burnham T. Sneaky markets and the Lizard Brain: How to make money using knowledge about the causes of mania, panic and crashes.

XVI.122. Buffett M. New Buffetology.

XVI. 123. Vasily Yakimkin. Forex market – Your way to success.

XVI. 124. Van Tharp, D. R. Barton, Jr., S. Suggerud. Exchange strategies of risk-free games.

XVI.125. J. Schwager. Mysterious magicians of the market. The Best Traders You’ve Never Heard Of

XVI.126. V. I. Safin. How to see money on the monitor screen.

XVI.127. V. V. Titov, Viktor Ilyin. Exchange at your fingertips.

XVI.128. Glen Neely. Mastery of Elliott Wave analysis.

XVI.129. Artem Orlov. Notes of a stock speculator. Lessons of currency dealing (collection).

XVI.130. Rogers J. Commodity exchanges: the hottest markets in the world. How everyone can invest and make a profit.

XVI.131. Kramer D. One on one with Wall Street.

XVI. 132. Oleg Manchulyantsev. How to grow a company by a billion: The basic truths of venture business.

XVI.133. Bernard Baumol. Secrets of economic indicators. Hidden keys to future economic trends and investment opportunities.

XVI.134. Nikolai Ludanov. Intuitive trading.

XVI.135. Robert Pardo. Development, testing, optimization of trading systems for an exchange trader (collection).

XVI.136. Charles LeBeau, David V. Lucas. Computer analysis of futures markets.

XVI.137. Elena Volkova, Vera Nikiforova, Veronika Makarova. IPO is the way to the stock market. Practical guide to the public offering of securities.

XVI.138. Konstantin Georgievich Kondakov. Psychology of trading, or How to tame the FOREX market?

XVI.139. K. N. Petrov, Tatiana Lukashevich. How to make money on the stock exchange for dummies.

XVI.140. Tsyganok A. From speculation to investment. The stock market for private investors.

XVI.141. The film The Limit of risk (Margin Call, 2011).

XVI.142. Film Wall Street, 1987.

XVI.143. Film Wall Street: Money Does not Sleep, 2010.

XVI.144. Film The Short Game (Big Short, 2015).

XVI.145. Film Inside Business (Inside Job, 2010).

XVI.146. Film Wolf with Wall Street, 2013.

XVI.147. The film “The Conman” (Crime drama, 1999)

XVI.148. The 2010 film “Quants: Alchemists from Wall Street” (Documentary).

XVI.149. The 2010 film “In the stock market pit.” (Documentary)

XVI.150. Film 2010 “Bankruptcy” (Dramatic thriller).

XVI.151. Film 2011 “Too Cool for Failure” (Drama).

XVI.152. 2012 film “Vicious Passion” (Dramatic thriller).

XVI.153. 2017 film “The Hunter from Wall Street” (Drama).

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