X.8. Trading according to the method of Dmitry Cheremushkin.

The famous Russian trader Dmitry Cheremushkin has his own view on trading formed as a result of the painful history of the first acquaintance with the market.

What has fallen a lot is likely to fall even more, Dmitry believes.

Technical analysis is a very powerful tool for finding an entry point.

The trader usually misses most of the situations for entry and exit, because he cannot sit at the computer screen all the time. Therefore, Dmitry believes, it is better to entrust the work of finding entry and exit points to robots. The use of stops is strictly mandatory, as well as pulling them up behind the price, to control a break–even deal. Further in his book “The way of the trader: how to become a millionaire by trading in financial markets”, Dmitry shows examples of using indicators to create simple strategies for programming a robot.

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