I.22. The concept of a transaction.

A deal is a key concept in trading. In fact, opening a deal means that your money has entered the stock exchange and, further, unpredictable transformations may occur with them – they may grow, or they may decrease significantly. The transaction represents a signed contract between you and the broker. It is the transaction that becomes the basis for the exchange and the broker to deduct the commission from your account. Regardless of whether you win or lose, the broker and the exchange will collect their commission before the transaction and will definitely not lose.

So, the transaction is open and by paying a commission, you can manage your transaction:

– you can close the deal;

– you can close the deal partially;

– you can increase the volume of lots;

– you can place conditional orders that control your transaction – stop losses, take profits, buy or sell orders.

Please note that when the exchange suspends its work, and you decide to leave the transaction open, then you completely lose control over your money until the exchange fully restores its work.

Also note that in TRANSAQ software, the transaction window is reset to zero before each trade opening, so to keep a history of your transactions, take a photo of the “Transactions” window at the end of the work.

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