III.14. Trading in certain time intervals: American session, Asian session, European session, Evening session.

BINANCE exchange is an excellent exchange that allows you to trade 24/7. This opens up limitless trading opportunities, but is it worth sitting at the monitor 24 hours a day? How to guess the periods when the market moves the most strongly?

Yes, such periods exist and are associated with trading sessions of the largest market sectors: American, European, Asian. This issue is covered in more detail in the article at https://crypto.ru/vremya-raboty-kriptovalyutnyh-birzh/#raspisanie-torgovyh-sessiy-na-kriptobirzhah

Table 1. Time intervals of trading sessions.

SessionStart of the session, Moscow timeEnd of the session, Moscow time
American, Chicago16:00 (peak trading)01:00 (minimum of trades)
American, New York15:000:00
European, London10:0019:00
European, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich9:0018:00
Asian, Hong Kong, Singapore3:0012:00
Asian, Tokyo2:0011:00
Pacific, Sydney0:009:00
Pacific, Wellington22:007:00

The best period for trading lies in the interval 03:00 to 21:00 UTC. For example, consider the hourly chart of Bitcoin in the period from 09.05.22 to 13.05.22 in Fig.110.

Figure 110. Bitcoin chart in the period from 09.05.22 to 13.05.22 As can be seen from Figure 110, the strongest price changes occur in series at very different time intervals. You should conduct your own research to form your market entry strategy.

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