Chapter XV. Conclusion.

So we have come to the end of our research, dear reader. Now you are ready to make decisions that are beneficial to you in any life circumstances and you will not allow yourself to be fooled again.

The year 2022 has become the arena of real financial wars of the world’s banking colossi, surpassing even 2008. In fact, this is a war of traders against traders, where ordinary people, such as you and me, become victims. This book appeared as a help to ordinary people on our planet to eliminate the impact of these wars on your well-being. The cycles of crises are getting shorter, which forces everyone to be vigilant and cautious. Let the banks fight, but this should not affect your wallet and your plans for the future in any way. Protect your future with the help of the acquired knowledge. You can’t take away what isn’t there. You can’t take away the knowledge of how to quickly fix your money account in any situation and be back in the game for a place in the sun.

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the crises themselves become possible solely due to the involvement of the world’s population in financial traps by a huge mass of speculators. Learn to see them and avoid them. If every inhabitant of the planet is vigilant and careful in their spending, then there will be much less reasons for the crisis. We ourselves create conditions for the crisis by pouring money into anything, eventually inflating huge soap bubbles, such as, for example, computer empires that have no basis, whose business is essentially speculation on fashion trends, huge mortgage unsecured loans, loans, etc. We must remember that we live in the real world, not in the electronic world, and a piece of gold, bread, and not bitcoin has real value. By redistributing deposits into real-life enterprises, into metal accounts, it will be possible to reduce the number of soap bubbles that devour your money without a hint of gratitude. When soap bubbles burst, governments print new banknotes, which immediately depreciate and turn into candy wrappers. Inflation levels have reached new historical highs by 2022 (see prices for gold, oil, natural gas). The crisis does not have time to end, immediately generates reasons for a new crisis. If you are fed up with this, learn to be more economical, learn to be a trader. Once governments have forgotten how to control finances, you need to do it for them, starting with yourself. Dive deeper and you will see how every inhabitant of the planet can easily control and manage huge financial colossi and governments, simply by quieting their greed and the race for fashion, learning to appreciate the real world, and not its electronic copy, which has no value. Remember that at the auctions of the world, paintings by old masters are still in price, which cannot be said about their electronic copies, which are worth nothing, because they simply do not exist. A picture on a computer resembles only images that arise in our minds. They appear and immediately disappear, leaving no trace. Such is the fate of all electronic products, which eventually turn into a huge garbage dump due to obsolete technologies. Ruthless fashion generates piles of garbage, littering our planet, enriching capitalists and emptying your pockets. Learn to appreciate what is timeless and does not lose its value. Appreciate the light of the Sun, not the bright screen of your smartphone. Then you will simply not notice the impact of crises, and then they themselves will stop, because the reasons underlying their creation will disappear.

The book was written by a representative of Russia, which is not accidental and natural (there has not been a case in the last 100 years when one country has been subjected to so many sanctions), therefore, the description of trading terminals is based on Russian developments. With the exception of this, all the rest of the material is completely universal and applicable to any financial situations that you will ever have to face. Perhaps these trading materials will allow you to see the attractiveness of Russian exchanges, and you will choose them to work as a trader.

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