VIII.9. The choice of bonds on

Please note that the choice of OFZ bonds paired with AIS will give you the optimal level of income. You can get 13% per annum from an account of up to 400,000 rubles in an AIS type A + interest on coupons from the purchase of OFZ bonds stored in the account, for example, at a rate of 14.6%! As a result, you will receive 27.6% for the year (do not forget about taxes on income on bonds. You can collect taxes back using the type B AIS). Cool!

You can select bonds and do analytics on the Mosbirzhi website .

To display the coupon rate column on this page below, select the “COLUMN SELECTION” group and uncheck the ISIN and Nominal currency boxes. You can also disable the Release Volume checkbox. Next, in the bond table, click on the heading of the Coupon Rate column to arrange the rows in descending order of the coupon rate.

To select the type of bond, select the appropriate checkbox at the top of the page in the “BASIC” group, for example, “FLB”. Having picked up a bond with the desired coupon rate, click on its cipher in the “Instrument” column.

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