I.16. Trading terminals.

Access to trading is carried out using a software tool called a trading terminal. Simply put, this is a program that you need to download from your broker’s website, install on your computer or smartphone, enter the login and password received from the broker and you can start trading operations.

In Russia, there are two terminals created by the Moscow Stock Exchange and, therefore, are reliable – Transaq and Quick. There are also a significant number of privately developed terminals that have their own advantages and specialization. We will mention here one of the most striking – CScalp.

Transaq software is suitable for trading stocks, bonds, currencies.

Quick software, in addition to Transaq’s capabilities, allows you to trade derivatives – futures and options. It is more often used for these purposes, although it is perfectly suitable for trading stocks, currencies and all instruments of the Moscow Exchange CScalp software is an indispensable scalper tool, since it can perform keyboard operations almost instantly. It has a built-in ability to work with a large number of exchanges, including Binance, the ability to work through remote servers, including foreign ones, if you need to hide from which region of the world you are making transactions. There is support for a proxy server. The program was created by Russian developers and has extensive support from the scalper community. It is mainly used for trading stocks on the Moscow Exchange and cryptocurrencies.

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