III.17. Trading on shock days.

According to the methodology of the domestic trader A. Rezvyakov, he identifies the so–called shock days – days after which the price continues to move rapidly up or down for long periods of time. In fact, these are the days when there is a reversal of local or global trends.

Fig.115. Gazprom JSC share 28.07.22, hourly chart Figure 115 shows the shock day for the Gazprom JSC stock. The opening of the session began with a price jump up and at 17:00 and 18:00, 21:00 Moscow time, the long movement received support. The total is 1.83% for the day. The next day, the growth continued and gave 1.31%.

Fig.116. Gazprom JSC share 29.07.22, hourly chart

Fig.117. Gazprom share, daily schedule, shock day.

A shock day for the Gazprom JSC stock, which began on 02.11.20 and continued price growth up to 26.11.20 (22.5%) and further up to 05.10.21 (158% as a result).

Fig.118. Mechel JSC share, daily schedule, shock day. Figure 118 shows the shock day for the Mechel JSC stock, which occurred on 17.10.16 and provoked further growth up to 15.11.16 by more than 140%.

Figure 119. Yandex CIA share, daily chart, shock day.

Figure 119 shows the shock day that occurred on 22.11.21 for the Yandex stock, which provoked a drop up to 24.02.22 by more than 70%.

Figure 120. Bitcoin, daily chart, shock day.

Figure 120 shows a shock day on Bitcoin, which provoked a price drop of more than 50% from 10.11.21 to 24.01.22. Shock days, as a rule, are the result of overbought or oversold instrument. To enter a position on shock days or immediately after their onset requires experience and a certain determination and confidence, backed up by stop losses.

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