I.28. The concept of a portfolio.

Briefcase. This word reminds us of something from childhood, school and the first teachers. However, in trading, a portfolio means something delicious related to your earnings.

When working with various tools, you buy and sell them. Your current data on these positions is displayed in the portfolio. The portfolio also displays the total remaining amount of money in your account and the total profit/loss. The portfolio may also reflect information about the maximum number of lots that you can buy/sell on credit using your account. Above, when considering Transaq, we have already created a portfolio window and shown how to set it up.

The information displayed in the portfolio allows you to perform control actions to regulate the flow of losses or profits: You can reduce the number of lots on unprofitable positions and increase the number of lots on profitable positions, perform hedging and assess the risks of further participation in stock speculation, assess the impact of taxation on your income and the impact of the broker’s commission. In fact, all your actions with the portfolio will be determined based on the knowledge gained from the following chapters of our book, so here we will not dwell in detail on the theory of portfolio management.

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