XI.6. Choosing a trading instrument.

There are no comrades for taste and color here. However, we can offer a number of well-established traditions in trading (see Table 1).

Table 1. On the issue of choosing a trading instrument.

ToolAdvantagesApplication Features
Trading currency pairs (FOREX)Your money is protected from inflation against the US dollar. In addition, the exchange gives huge shoulders for currencies up to 15x.Use only the main currency pairs: USD RUB, EUR RUB, CNY RUB (excellent correlation with the US dollar)
Trading in American stocksProtection against inflation. This instrument has the highest liquidity and good price dynamicsYou need to choose growing stocks related to the food industry or the oil industry. High fees and taxes
Trading in Russian stocksGood dynamics of price changes, very low commissions.Choose blue chips
FLB tradingUse it for passive accumulation on coupon incomeChoose FLB with the highest percentage of income on coupon payments
Bond TradingThe bonds of strong companies or state-owned companies that have fallen in price are interestingWhen choosing high-yield bonds, carefully monitor the issuer’s actions.
Futures TradingLow commissions. Interesting futures on the RTS indexDon’t forget about hedging risks to make working with futures more comfortable
Options TradingBuilt-in large shoulders, interesting options on the RTS indexGood for sharing with futures or stocks
Cryptocurrency TradingHigh-margin trading.To reduce risks, trade only bitcoin or Ethereum. When working with balconies, be attentive to the features of this tool
Cryptocurrency StackingWe earn in dollars.This strategy is good when the market is flat.
Cryptocurrency Futures TradingLow commissions, asset prices are the same, very high interest per day.The strategy is good when the market is in motion
Participation in mutual fundIt looks very attractive in the descriptions. Good ideasVery specific strategy, requires analysis
Gold TradingProtection against dollar inflationThe price of gold in dollars can fluctuate significantly (up to 30% down).
Bank depositModest interest, but there is no risk of drawdown of the assetYou get exactly as much as you expected. Dollar inflation risk

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