IV.5. Currency Trading Strategies.

Good strategies for currency trading on the FOREX market are described in A. Toshchakov’s book “Forex game for money”. The basics of the author’s tactics are to find patterns of figures of those. analyzing and placing deals for these figures.

Another book worthy of attention and dedicated to currency trading is R. Valeev’s book “The Art of Trading. Practical recommendations for traders with experience”.

In the author’s opinion, it is possible to use for currency the features of the reaction of currencies to geopolitical events, inflation, decisions of the Central Bank – currency prices usually rise. Let’s consider a number of examples of situations on the USDRUB_TOD currency pair. Figure 128 shows a fragment of the price movement of the USDRUB pair on the daily chart. A good strategy would be to short in volume 1 in continuation of the falling trend with an exit in volume2 or with a reversal in volume 3 in Long. Exit from the transaction in vol.4. In vol.2 and vol.3, a stop-catching zone is formed, also in the zone of vol.1 and vol.2. Note that the levels on this currency pair are located in increments of 1 ruble.

Fig.128. USDRUB currency pair from 23.03-15.07.21.

129. The USDRUB currency pair from 23.05-03.11.21.

In Figure 129, we also see on the USDRUB pair an excellent working out of the price levels in increments of 1 ruble. Working on an uptrend does not require special comments.

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