XIII.17. The strategy of “Catching comets».

When the coins of the alcoins begin to pump, then this movement is akin to the flight of a comet. A huge outflow of free money, huge interest in a couple of days. How to catch such comets? It’s a million-dollar question, so to speak.

I propose this approach here.

1) Coins with a small daily trading volume are easier to pamipn, because up to $ 200,000,000.

2) There is no way to determine in advance which coin will shoot.

3) Choose 20-30 coins that were fired 2-3 months ago. They are almost ready for more shots.

4) We place a purchase request for each coin at a distance of 10% from the current price.

5) A number of coins can reach your application and immediately return back, bringing a loss.

6) If a sharp movement has just started within an hour, there is a chance to enter it and rise even higher. Pumping sometimes takes several days (BAND, DYDX, WAVES, MASK).

7) On SHIBA, LUNA2, pumping is usually short during the day.

8) After entering the pumping candle, sit on a chair as glued and get out and enter the time of throws and price refunds on time. You can make money on the waves of price drops several times. 9) Usually, after pumping, a sharp pullback of the price follows at the very beginning of the pumping, which should be used to collect additional profit by a short transaction. Do not forget that there may be a repeated, no less powerful wave up again, put coups in the course of the short.

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