I.31. What causes losses?

The exchange has its own laws and regulations, their lack of accounting in trading and leads to losses.

Let’s list the possible reasons for the loss on your account:

– end of the trend;

– the culmination of purchases or sales;

– news that led to an illogical rise or fall in the price;

– payment of dividends;

– payment of taxes;

– catching customer stops by the market maker to push the price in the direction he needs;

– resistance or support at the price level;

– rising oil prices;

– military operations;

– intervention of the central bank that regulates the price level;

– reset positions by major players at the beginning of trading;

– reset positions by major players at the end of trading;

– overbought market;

– – oversold market. These are the main reasons. As you can see, you cannot influence them in any way, but you can take a strategy in advance that cuts off the influence of such factors on the size of your account.

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