IX.16. Which coins to choose for trading.

Here, as they say, “There are no comrades for taste and color.”

However, here are a few options and explanations for them.

1. Trading exclusively BITCOIN. This is the most inertial coin with a huge capitalization and liquidity. This makes your losses significantly less than when trading altcoins.

2. Trading the most capital-intensive altcoins, such as ETH or BNB, which allows you to find a certain middle ground in terms of risk.

3. Trading altcoins with small capitalization gives huge percentages with rapid movements of BITCOIN. With BITCOIN moving by 5%, alcoins can advance by 100% or even more. The average growth is 40-60%. 4. Trading falling coins. Altcoin short is an excellent idea, because after rapid ups, long falls with guaranteed earnings follow.

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