X.14. Pyramiding. Step-by-step recruitment or resetting of a position.

Pyramiding consists in getting a position that makes a profit. Thus, we increase the number of lots, increasing our profit. Stop-loss orders are placed after the price, cutting off losses on previously added parts.

The algorithm of pyramiding:

– – we put an application according to your strategy, we set a take profit.

– – the order is triggered, the price goes up, we move the stop loss after the price movement, the price breaks through our take profit. The price goes up further.

– – we put a stop at the place of our take profit and buy more lots. We move the stop further after the price. The stop can be placed only on a part of the already collected position.

– repeat the previous action if the price continues to rise.

– as a result, the profit increases, moving the stop loss for the price, we cut off losses on the added lots.

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