Article No. 3. A cashless economy versus a monetary economy. The mechanism of implementation within the country or community of countries that have joined the cashless economy program.

Now let’s look at how to organize all this, and even on the basis of a cashless economy. The task seems simply fantastic and absolutely unrealistic from the standpoint of an ordinary man in the street, chewing gum, drinking sugary American soda and watching the next advertisement on the 4K TV system.

Nevertheless, we believe that the task is absolutely feasible even by the forces of one country – Russia, but it will take longer to be solved. So, let’s get out of the animal state of a bull in a barn and become adult intelligent beings again and try to present a solution to a feasible task for us, although not familiar.

The main question here is – what is the benefit or interest from the participation of other countries in this project? Especially when it comes to a chimera at all – a cashless economy.

So, let’s fantasize. Since the country leading the project is still Russia, as the holder of the necessary technologies and scientific school, Russia should put a trump card on the table, which will be so significant that it will relieve the first tension in the leadership of other countries. Such a card is the transfer of technology of ethereal power plants, including mobile ones, i.e. the transfer into the hands of the participating countries of free infinite electricity.

A simple calculation will show that obtaining free energy within entire countries for a length of 150 years will give such a number of benefits in monetary terms that it will more than cover the costs of this project, and then – net profit in the pocket of these countries and obtaining undeniable competitive advantages over other countries. Within the framework of the project, an innumerable number of super-profitable new technologies will be developed that will turn the current state of countries into a paradise. Deserts will become gardens, Burnt lands will be flooded with the purest rivers and lands. All technologies will be prepared for placement inside spaceships and therefore will be waste-free and very productive. Nothing superfluous with the maximum possible effect, everything is environmentally safe.

The next card is the participation of any country in such a project – this is an incredible breakthrough in the scientific and technical direction of the whole country. This is especially true for countries that have been exposed as outsiders on the world stage, which of course is unacceptable.

The next map is that the members of this project will have the exclusive right to accept new members of the participants in the project and resolve issues on the distribution of cooperation and curatorship with new star systems.

Table 1. Interest of project participants

A countryInterest
RussiaFree energy, the breaking of monopolar control on Earth, the withdrawal of humanity’s energy bottled up for thousands of years into the Universe, the spread of influence on neighboring star systems, the creation of huge communities on a stellar scale, space exploration at a new qualitative level, the incredible development of their science, raising the scientific level of the population to an absolutely fantastic level. Creating a huge industry to scale the project for the study of distant star systems. The production volumes will be many times higher than those available on Earth today, the speed of sending new stellar expeditions will be put on stream. The involvement of the population of new planets will increase the number of allies in the universe. The destruction of aggressive humanoids will cut off the possibility of their harming members of the Space Community, will make us extremely strong. In addition, do not forget that perhaps we will find planets so attractive for life and clean of technology that such planets will be forbidden to develop technologically, and it will only be possible to use them as space reserves for the reception of tourists and the lives of those who are ready to live in harmony with nature. These people will equip these new worlds.
Saudi Arabia
Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia, Egypt, Myanmar, etc.

We believe that closer to the end of the project, the number of participating members will reach more than 190 countries, since this project is just a fantastic leap forward for any participant both in the economy of their country and in outer space.

But let’s return now to the cashless economy.

Given the duration of the project, employees in this project will be hired on a lifetime basis. Employees are guaranteed full provision with all necessary resources. It is advisable for the project employees to create special settlements with all the necessary infrastructure where they can live as families. Basic requirements for project employees:

– Regular gymnastics

– Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

– The desire to gain new knowledge

– Lack of propensity to alcohol, smoking, coffee consumption, medications, etc. bad habits.

– consumption of only natural food, no synthetics.

– Personal interest in the project, building your life together with the goals of the project.

Of course, the children of employees will live and study according to completely different training programs in order to form people with the right moral qualities for whom exploring new things is the main pleasure and goal in life.

So, we get, in fact, semi-closed cities of specialists of the highest standard in a variety of fields living with families. The task of a cashless economy is dramatically simplified. Employees do not need to puzzle over how to make money, all thoughts are pure and focused on the implementation of their tasks in the project. All issues with payment are taken over by the state, because for him the effect of the implementation is simply huge, although long-term.

It is advisable to build these settlements on the principles of autonomous houses, each connected to its own ethereal power plant. This will increase the speed of project implementation (no need to build a thermal power plant, depend on it). The settlements themselves are buried in gardens, no asphalt roads or concrete – everything should create conditions for viable ideas in harmony with nature. Transport is strictly individual flying vehicles based on the principle of quadrocopters or ether-powered plates. The devices are unmanned, work on the principle of a voice command, everything is automated and safe.

The construction of such settlements is dictated by the fact that people’s thoughts are as united as possible and aimed at the realization of a common goal.

For the purposes of the project, automatic agricultural holdings of a new generation will be created – the growth and increase in yield is carried out without the use of chemicals by warming the soil, planting plants in a special way on saplings in combination with trees and other plants. The landfills of agricultural holdings are located inside covered huge pavilions. In fact, these will be prototypes of agricultural holdings used inside ships. Several functions are being solved – a corner of wildlife in space to remove a person’s longing for the Earth, the conditions familiar to him when participating in the project, the production of a variety of plant foods – cereals, fruits, vegetables. Note that the experience of creating such covered pavilions will create a future for the desert regions of our planet and the newly discovered ones, where there are deserts, but the suitability of the air atmosphere is available. Energy supply from autonomous terrestrial power plants.

The idea here is this. In any unsuitable soil, a pit with a depth of a couple of meters comes off. Inside the pit, a tray or a system of trays filled with fertile soil is carried out, trays are needed to cut off the poisonous layers of the underlying soils, as well as to cut off possible parasites. Please note that the technology of producing a fertile layer – humus – from human and animal waste is well developed.

Heating cables are placed inside the trays so that the soil is at the right temperature. Such corners of nature will have to be equipped with mini plants for the synthesis of water from the ground (there is pure hydrogen everywhere or in compounds) or the atmospheres of planets.

With the help of such technologies, it is possible to turn terrestrial deserts into paradise gardens. By the way, this is the interest of the participating countries, where there are vast deserts.

Given that the project implies scalability, a large number of autonomous modular plants will be needed for:

– ore mining;

– ore enrichment;

– smelting, forging and obtaining rental;

– machine tool factories;

– factories for the production of instruments and equipment:

– cable production plants;

– factories for the production of radio components and microchips;

– autonomous chemical plants.

– factories for the manufacture of plastic products

Here it is worth thinking about the creation of universal chemical plants of a new generation – the production of the necessary substances from existing ones. I.e., in fact, alchemy should be restored. This will immediately solve a lot of problems on the development of planets and the absence of harm from production. Plants should be closed-loop, without emissions. This is a difficult and interesting task that needs to be solved in 50 years.

It should be noted that all the technologies that will be used further should be recreated here on Earth and now at once, since this will give a head start in the subsequent rapid provision of the ever-increasing needs of expeditions with everything necessary. Further, the plants installed on the planets will recreate themselves automatically under human control, which will repay all costs a hundredfold

As can be seen from the above, money is not mentioned anywhere. They don’t belong here anymore. All tasks are solved strictly with the goals of the project, there are no special layers, all specialists are satisfied with life, they get everything they need for free – housing, individual transport, any food, cultural and leisure products, a huge amount of new knowledge, any travel during vacations in hotels belonging to the project, working every day becomes more interesting, because we are approaching a bold goal – to give humanity the vastness of the universe for settlement and development, in order to prevent more bloody mistakes committed here on Earth. The main reason for such a past is the crowding of different peoples on favorable lands rich in gold or other riches. People destroyed each other for a place in the sun.

Now all this will be behind us and will remain only as a hard lesson for the future of humanity. As described by Arthur C. Clarke, the future of humanity will be amazed at the unprecedented cruelty and stupidity of the past of humanity, reading books about the past of earthlings and will endlessly ask themselves the question is this possible or did someone invent it?

I am absolutely sure that humanity will succeed, because it has a huge past and people have simply forgotten where they came from here on Earth. It’s time now to repeat the projects of our distant ancestors ourselves and avoid turning into monkeys, as it was with previous civilizations, eating each other.

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