I.4. How much can you really earn by trading?

But back to trading. How much does the average trader earn in Russia. Depending on the strategy, this level in different years can range from 30% per annum to 5-10% per month according to the lower estimate. In some cases, for example, in scalping, there are examples of talented guys doing tripling and increasing the invested capital of $ in 1 month.

From my personal practice:

1. When working with options on the RTS index, Call options were purchased in the amount of 20,000 rubles and with a strong upward movement of slightly more than 2%, 53,000 rubles were received on the account within 5 minutes! (features of options in case of sudden movements).

2. With a transaction volume of 230,000 rubles in Sberbank shares, with the price moving up by 7%, it was possible to increase the account by 16,000 rubles within 10 minutes.

According to the Internet on the request “how much can you earn on trading per month”:

Beginner 2-5% per month. Over time, 9-40% per month. Amounts up to $ 10,000 (author’s estimate).

Pros taking money in growth: 2% per month. Amounts from $ 20,000 (author’s estimate).

Large investment holdings – 20% per year. Amounts up to 0.5 billion. $ (author’s estimate).

W. Buffett – 23% per year on average for his entire career. Amounts from 10 billion. $ (author’s estimate). So, it even gets hot if you compare these figures even with the fantastic figures in Table 4. Isn’t it? Moving on…

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