Chapter XIII. What to do next?

Armed with the knowledge of this book, it’s time to actually start trading. At first, it is very difficult not to succumb to temptation and misidentify your risk management. We recommend using the following risk management, which allows you to significantly save your money and work in the market for a very long time:

50% of the money allocated for trading is freely in the account. They will be used when absolutely necessary or as cash to replenish the margin in a number of cases. Also, this money will help to be used for purchases if the situation favors you.

The remaining 50% is divided into 3-5 parts and the inputs are made one part at a time. If you have reached the planned profit, then you can increase the position, etc. If the price did not go in your direction, we jump out on the stop. After knocking out the entire amount of 50% on the stop, we again break it into 3-5 parts and try the market again.

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