I.55. Trade discipline.

The concept of discipline is well manifested in the army. At the moment of the battle, all fighters must unquestioningly follow the commander’s commands in order to survive or complete a combat mission. Imagine if at the moment of the battle someone doubts the correctness of the commander’s commands or leaves the battlefield altogether. The outcome of the battle will be a foregone conclusion and most likely all the fighters will die, killed one by one.

In trading, the concept of discipline allows you to act clearly and without hesitation when unexpected situations arise.

Discipline in trading is closely related to the algorithm. The algorithm is your commander. You are the commander who has drawn up a behavior plan in advance for all possible outcomes of the battle. Discipline is impossible without an algorithm, because it is not clear what exactly should be done if you have not made a plan for your trading in advance. Trading on the stock exchange turns into a casino if you don’t have a clear plan of action, but only a blind faith in luck. They say that beginners are lucky. Yes, it is, but it should be added that such a period is very short for a beginner. After a series of successful deals, a series of unprofitable ones will inevitably begin, and if the newcomer managed to “get angry” by this time and believe in his luck, then the market will deal with him very ruthlessly and quickly. If a beginner is not stupid, he will understand that faith in luck alone is not enough. Indeed, if everything were so simple, then there would be 50% of successful traders in the world, among all those who trade on the stock exchange. Trading is akin to a tug of war: the one who wins takes money from the one who loses. The more people are involved in the exchange, the more likely it is to take money from them absolutely legally (at least that’s what they tell us) in a way. Since those who drive the market are absolutely not interested in your enrichment, they do everything possible to make trading unpredictable and difficult. However, since the exchange is a complex system, controlled by many contradictory tasks, it has its own objective laws, using which you can successfully withdraw money from it.

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