X.4. Scalping: Konstantin Akhmetov.

Konstantin Akhmetov is a bright representative of the scalping school in Russia from Krasnodar, a Qscalp instructor, a trader who trades for several hours every day (10-15 hours).

The main idea of the method is zero loss, entrances to breakouts of the level or bounces from the level.

The scalper’s day begins with completing homework – evaluating all the selected coins for the presence of a situation for entry. Issuing applications, setting stops. Scalpers divide a deal into several parts, entering in parts (up to 10 parts), which gives the advantages of reducing losses, moving stops to the breakeven area. Position flips are often used to catch reverse movements. The shoulders used are usually 2-5x, rarely 10x, even less often 20x. A common technique is to enter the movement.

Links to the most striking videos that give an idea of the proposed trading methods and scalping in general:

Konstantin ‘s page VK


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