XI.7. Selecting entry points.

It should always be assumed that by choosing an entry point, we form the hope that it is better to enter here. The market does not give guarantees, and you may be wrong. The basic rule is to follow the trend, always plan actions in case of a sharp price reversal against you, so as not to bite your elbows later. General tips:

– Look for entry points closer to meaningful levels;

– try to set the entry point behind the area of accumulation of stops of most players;

– the entry point to the movement is justified;

– the entry point at the market opening is justified (if it works, it will give enough profit on this day):

– when the price is pressed to the level, take the entry point at the emerging vertex of the triangle; – at the end of the strait, put the entry point at the tip of the falling candle when the price starts to twitch at the bottom point. Twitching at the end of the fired candle is a sure sign to the end of the movement.

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