XIII.11. The “Afterburner” methodology (“Futures and options”, “Spot and futures”, “USDT & BUSD”).

To implement this technique, we need either spot and futures pairs on the BINANCE market, or futures and option pairs on other instruments.

The essence of the idea is the multidirectional trading of these pairs.

1. Divide the trading amount into 3-4 parts.

2. For the first part, we buy a spot, for example, ETH.

3. For the second part, we sell futures on ETH.

4. We use the remaining funds to replenish the margin.

5. In case of an increase in the price of the instrument, it is advisable not to put a short position.

6. In case the price falls, we put a short position on the futures. 7. With strong price drops, the margin on the futures increases sharply due to the short. You can close a short deal and use the available funds to bribe a cheaper spot. With the resumption of growth, your profit increases dramatically.

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