Article No.2. A cashless economy versus a monetary economy. Setting goals for humanity (possibly within one country or community of countries)

We are in an ocean of energy… and we are fighting over some lousy oil…

Academician V.A. Atsyukovsky, lecture No. 15 – “Where to get clean energy, is it possible to fly Ball lightning to the stars”.

Suppose that the matured humanity in the face of a number of countries, tired of the slavery of money and dependence on other people’s interests of money bags, decided in 2030 to join forces and, turning to a cashless economy, implement a project for the development of nearby stars. These countries are also, according to our assumption ,: Russia (as the holder of the main developments on stellar programs and stellar weapons, the instrument base for remote exploration of new space objects, the brain of the program, the country-project manager, the manufacture of engines, the development of flight programs, the preparation of project teams, the development of special weapons), China (the country implementing the program, because It has a powerful industrial economy, manufacturing of hulls, construction of spaceports on Earth and the Moon, delivery of aircraft modules to the Moon orbit), India (development of artificial intelligence systems for autopilot and automatic protection systems against unexpected stellar aggression), Saudi Arabia, South Africa (partial financing of the project), Brazil and Argentina (partial financing of the project, production of a number of materials for the project), Serbia and Hungary (production of equipment for the project). Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Abkhazia, Egypt, and Myanmar also decided to provide friendly attitude to the project and assistance.

The implementation of the project was scheduled for 2180, i.e. in 150 years (50 years for science and the creation of a network of related institutes and research institutes, 50 years for the preparation of production and the start of production and research on the Moon, 50 years for the implementation and launch of vehicles into the orbit of the Moon). The list of star systems to which it was decided to send research expeditions is given in Table 1 (highlighted).

Table 1. Distance to the nearest stars.

Name of the starStar system/constellationDistance in light years
1The sunThe solar system8,31 light minutes
2Proxima CentauriAlpha Centauri4,244
3Barnard’s StarOphiuchus5,96
4Luman 16Sail6,516
5Wolf 359Leo7,78
6Lalande 21185The Big Dipper8,31
7Sirius ABig Dog8,6
8Sirius B
9Leiten 726-8Whale8,73
10Ross 154Sagittarius9,69
11Ross 248Andromeda10,3
12ε EridanaEridana10,52
13Lacaille 9352Southern fish10,74
14Ross 128Maid10,91
15WISE 0350-5658Grid11,20
16EZ AquariusAquarius11,26
17ProcyonSmall Dog11,40
1861 SwansSwan11,40
19Struve 2398Dragon11,52
20Groombridge 34Andromeda11,62

To implement the project, it was decided to transfer the economies of the countries to a cashless economy for the duration of the project, which eliminates financial holes and theft, and also to investigate how much efficiency can be increased when using a cashless economy and developing programs for the complete transfer of Land to a cashless economy.

So, this is the goal. Next, let’s look at the main tasks that should be solved in such a short time.

1. Construction of a new international spaceport at the South Pole, to overcome the two radiation belts included by the Creator around the Earth, for the possibility of transferring project personnel to the Moon.

2. The modules are assembled on Earth, then transported by tankers to the South Pole, icebreakers to the spaceport, and, further, to the Moon.

3. Clearing the Earth’s orbit from probes and manned spacecraft of parasitic civilizations that have been interfering in the affairs of earthlings for thousands of years. The same thing should be done next on the Moon, Mars. Without this, it is not possible to ensure the secrecy of the mission of earthlings for other civilizations.

4. Construction of a production building on the Moon for the assembly of 7 interstellar expeditionary stations, space battleships equipped with 1,000 space fighters and ground landing ships each, to protect the stations from possible aggressive encounters at destination points and to survey the surface upon contact. We also need a cargo space tanker carrying modules of automatically deployed factories, drilling machines, robots of construction equipment, 100,000 probes to be placed in the orbits of the studied planets on a permanent basis (1000 probes per planet).

5. Also, stellar scientific centers and space towns should be created on the Moon to accommodate personnel, an international spaceport, antennas for radio and cellular communication with the Earth, commercial enterprises accompanying the project within the framework of a cashless economy. Any countries can participate here (Germany, France, Japan, USA).

6. Explore the orbits of all the planets of the Solar system. Install a field of probes around all the planets for constant monitoring of possible intrusions of alien objects. If life is detected on the Moon and Mars, ensure that the detected peoples are included in the list of friendly peoples of the Solar System, provide them with everything necessary or transfer them to Earth at their request. If slaveholding or aggressive objects are discovered, they will either have to be expelled from the Solar System, if they are intelligent, or completely destroyed.

7. In such a short period of time, including using scientific centers on the Moon, all the necessary instruments should be developed that can ensure the objectives of the expedition, including remote geological exploration, underwater reconnaissance, detection of manned enemy vehicles, weapons capable of resisting possible armed forces of aggressive planets, space pirates or aggressive communities during travel. The equipment of the expeditions should provide for a possible invasion of the situation on a number of planets, if the result of the invasion can be considered positive based on modeling (the enemy’s armed forces are weaker and small).

8. Development of new engines powered by ether vortex thrust, high-speed communication systems based on ether, capable of communicating almost instantly at distances of several hundred light years. Since developments on this topic are most widely represented by a number of scientists and independent researchers in Russia, this task will be solved by our scientific school. The estimated maximum speed of vehicles with such engines is 50x relative to the speed of light.

9. Development of new types of weapons and protection:

– Protective force fields;

– Neutralizers of fast moving objects;

– Splitters of rapidly approaching objects (shells, asteroids, debris);

– Annihilators of nuclear explosions;

– Gravity guns;

– Laser combat beams;

– Receivers and analyzers of the enemy’s thoughts;

– Locators for detecting invisible manned vehicles;

– Energy dissipators of gravitational magnets;

– Devices for annihilation of large fragments and meteorites;

– Creators of multiple holograms of their ships to confuse the enemy;

– A field weapon that disrupts the functioning of the brain impulses of living beings at a distance.

– Masking of ships, invisibility, including radar.

10. Types of equipment that will be needed to ensure the objectives of the expedition:

– development of albums of star maps along the way with the help of a circular system of telescopes and locators, creation of the science of creating star maps and routes;

– space instantaneous communication equipment analogous to the exchange of information by stars inside the Galaxy;

– reconnaissance probes. Forming into a network, the probes should collect information about the topography of the planets, temperature parameters, spectral analysis of the substances that make up the planet, their places of accumulation, volumes. After forming a model of the observed object, ensure the fixation and detection of movements on the planet. To conceal the presence of the mother expedition, these probes must be completely autonomous. That is, for example, being outside the star system, the expedition station releases a cloud of probes, for example, 1000 units, which then independently, following the laid-down algorithm, go to the first planet being surveyed, organize themselves into a network and, while in orbit, fix the tasks set.

– similar probe networks are also needed for underwater exploration, if it is present on the planet under study. Probes equipped with ether thrust should be able to travel around the planet independently, be as small as possible, for example, the size of a fly;

– automatic high-frequency fixation telescopes capable of observing and detecting new objects at speeds above light. This will allow you to refine the route to avoid collisions with celestial bodies;

– radio wave reflection dampers for masking ships;

– detectors of the internal structure of flying objects for a kind of X-ray analysis of alien ships, detection of engines, control centers, compartments with troops or weapons;

– thought catchers. Presumably, the common language in the universe is Prakrit, i.e. the Old Russian language, of which we are the native speakers. As for thoughts, their nature does not depend on the language used, which makes the development of such devices fundamentally possible. The device should provide the transmission of thoughts coming from an object at a distance and possibly mobile. The thought catcher will replace the sense catcher. Also, considering that Lies in thoughts are immediately detected, the thought catcher will make it possible to identify treachery and aggression towards Earthlings in order to respond to such signals in a timely manner;

– annihilator of fast-moving objects;

– the determinant of the true form. A device that displays the true form of a living being in case it can take on a different appearance, for example, a person.

– brain impulse disperser – allows you to immobilize the enemy, disable his brain activity.

– teleporter of cargo from Earth. The device will allow you to place a receiving camera on Earth and a transmission camera on the desired planet and provide instant cargo transfer. Using it to transfer people is dangerous, because there may be many victims.

– radiation neutralizer. Any living creature that falls within the range of the beam becomes motionless until the radiation is removed;

– probe detecting radiation condensation zones on the surface of planets;

– neutralizer of radioactive radiation to create a local field around a person that neutralizes radiation;

– robots for exploring caves and tunnels inside planets. The most successful idea is to place Earthlings’ factories under the surface of planets in various voids, caves. This does not change the lives of the inhabitants of the planet and allows earthlings to realize their goals.

– machines for drilling tunnels deep into the planets and for creating chambers under the surface of the earth to accommodate the production of earthlings.

Mission objectives:

– Get to the goal;

– When entering the destination star system, turn on radio masking to exclude premature detection, the Earthlings’ aircraft themselves must have a light-absorbing coating to exclude visual detection;

– Start exploring planets from the periphery of the star. If parasitic enemy forces are detected, destroy them, perhaps the civilization is under the control of space pirates, like the Earth in the past;

– If signs of intelligent life are found, it is necessary to establish the degree of its development, the current social system, signs of the development of weapons and space forces, send a robot probe for contact. In case of insidiousness on the part of the population, the robot can be destroyed by the armed forces of the planets, which will reveal the nature of the maturity of consciousness of the population of the planets.

– If a friendly contact is established, lead it through a robot probe. The main forces should be located on neighboring planets to hide from visibility zones.

– according to the previously developed program of establishing contact, make planned procedures for negotiations and technology exchange. Then organize an observation to assess the development of the situation for 1-3 years.

– if no serious air force and aggression are detected in the star system, proceed with full-scale sounding of all planets, landing for sampling, launching and launching automatic plants for the deployment of mining and the formation of a preparatory base for the arrival of earthlings and the organization of settlements in this star system. Modular water synthesis plants are also being installed on this planet to create reservoirs and reservoirs, possibly rivers on a permanent basis.

– the further task is to build a new spaceport on one of the planets, a base of earthlings, in cooperation with the discovered friendly civilizations, from where new projects for further space exploration will already begin.

– in parallel, if the discovered civilizations are not against starting joint projects, perhaps Earthlings will become a technology donor for the discovered civilizations or vice versa.

– if the discovered civilizations are aggressive and have a developed space infrastructure or have strong patrons from neighboring stars, then you should limit yourself to exploring all the planets, collecting all possible information and leaving this star system. The main task here is not to leave traces of the presence of the main forces of the expedition, collecting as much information as possible. Then start moving towards a new goal set by the project management from the Ground. It is worth working out the version that all the planets of a certain star system make up well-armed fortresses and can be dangerous for the presence of earthlings. Therefore, any research should begin with the presence of robot probes, because the exchange of signals can detect the mother forces of Earthlings standing outside the studied star system. In this case, the task of the probes becomes purely military: reconnaissance and mapping the enemy’s weapons placement.

– Thus, the project will be scaled and the knowledge of Earthlings about the surrounding worlds will be formed more fully. We will find out where there are friends, and where enemies are holed up and how it can be used. Perhaps it will be established what is happening on neighboring stars in general, and maybe in the entire Galaxy, we will become a full member of the stellar community, we will find new friends and new spaces for the settlement of earthlings in new worlds, space travel and excursions will be created.

– we do not exclude a situation in which Earthlings will lead a liberation mission to liberate the captured worlds of nearby constellations and unite the forces of a Cosmic coalition against certain evil forces that these worlds are trying to capture and establish slave regimes or monetary relations on them. In the next article, we will look at the principles of building a cashless economy to create a project infrastructure.

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