X.10. Trading according to the method of Ilya Meshcheryakov.

Ilya Meshcheryakov is a representative of extremely conservative trading methods with minimizing potential risks to a minimum. The strategy is based on a long wait for a situation suitable for the model built by the trader. If the situation develops further in the opposite direction, the whole strategy goes to waste and all transactions are immediately closed. The basic principle of Meshcheryakov’s strategy can be formulated as less is better, but better (relative to the number of transactions).

The main features of the presented strategy:

– we carry out entries below the zones of possible installation of stops of the majority, we catch squiz (straits) in the probable zone of their lower price.

– the entrance is carried out by the amount divided into three parts: one part is at the right price, the others are slightly higher and slightly lower.

– we increase the position as we accumulate profits;

– stop moving behind the price to cut off losses;

– to manage the portfolio, we use a spot purchase and hedge with the sale of futures; – a good option is to receive passive income from interest paid by the exchange for certain positions (usually for short) and participation in staking.

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