I.10. What is the broker’s interest? Is the broker interested in your profit or loss? Does the broker manipulate charts during trading? Can a broker steal money from your account?

The broker’s interest is expressed in increasing the customer base and taking commissions for transactions, subscription services, and fees for access to software.

The broker is not interested in either your profit or loss. All he is interested in is the volume and frequency of your transactions.

Since all your orders get to the exchange through a broker, the broker can manipulate your orders by making slips or not executing them if certain conditions are violated. As a result of slippage, an advantageous situation at the moment may become unprofitable, and you will lose your money. When using Transaq and Quick terminals, only the exchange can manipulate the information on the charts as part of market surveillance. If the broker uses its own terminal, for example, based on a mobile application, then data manipulation is possible within at least one bar or candle (more on that later).

Theft of funds from a client’s account can be easily recognized and is criminally punishable in Russia. The broker may lose its license and cease its activities. For enrichment, the broker can use commissions, slippage (delays in the execution of the application), the introduction of a subscription fee for the use of its own terminals. When choosing a broker, take into account reviews about it, the number of clients, the duration of the broker’s work.

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